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The Hempest was founded in 1995 with the conviction that bringing hemp back to the marketplace and into full view of the public was the best way to counter the misinformation and ignorance that has surrounded this plant for years. We also believe the market is the best place create change, for as the demand for hemp increases so will the pressure to allow it to be freely grown around the world. We will continue to create and sell the finest and largest selection of hemp products found anywhere until that goal is achieved. Your purchase helps achieve that goal of a cleaner, greener future for all...

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Please share some of the educational materials below with as many people as you can..

- This is the state of the art factory in China which produces our own clothing line, as well as many other popular organic lines.  (video taken in March 09)  CLICK HERE

- Check out some photos of our Bio-diesel HEMP VAN... CLICK HERE (energy from the midwest...not the mideast)

- Wanna see some shots of a few of our stores??? CLICK HERE

- Check out Hemp Foods on the Today Show....CLICK HERE

- Hemp...the new(old) superfood......CLICK HERE

- Wanna see a hemp crop harvested for food??..CLICK HERE (too bad it's illegal in the land of the free)

- Isochanvre - Hemp used as a building material...CLICK HERE (stronger than cement & 1/6th the weight)

- Great video about hemp paper .....CLICK HERE (how can we still clear cut forests in this day and age??)



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    Listen Listen to this intriguing and educational interview with Hempest co-founder Jon Napoli that gives some insight on some of the goals of the store.