The Hempest... a one of a kind outlet for all things hemp and beyond. We have the largest selection of organic hemp clothing, accessories, gear, paper, food and body care products found anywhere in the world. Since 1995, we have been committed to sourcing and producing clothing which is ethically and ecologically manufactured, and suits a wide variety of styles. Whether it's casual or formal, winter or summer, The Hempest hopes to provide you with an organic alternative for all your clothing needs. We invite you to visit any one of our stores or our website and find out more about the earth's most versatile and beneficial plant : Cannabis Hemp.




All NewLeaf Lover Gear 


Organic Hemp Leaf boxers, Organic Hemp Leaf Long Johns, Organic Leaf Lover's Gift Pack 

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Ritual Tunic, Axiom Leggings, and Alive Sweater

 New Organic Jackets and Sweaters

All New Hemp Peppa Jacket, Misha Duster, and Missa Zippy Hoody


 Classic 100% Hemp Gear from The Hempest


All new 100% Hemp Button Down, All new 100% Hemp Drawstrings, All new 100% Hemp Short Sleeve 

The Basics 

    Organic Hemp Boxer Briefs, Long-Johns & T'-shirts...!! 


New Hempest Boxer Briefs,  New Hempest Long Underwear, New Organic Hemp T's Singles or 4-pack



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All New Rugby Beanie from Hempy's, Flatline Beanie, Cable Beanie


Amazing Closeout Deals throughout our site...just a few choice samples below

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Wicked Hemp Mary Jane/Light Hikers!!

All new Hemp "Aline", "Candice", And the new"Neva"


     We have picked up several new lines this year,  and are currently producing  our latest 100% hemp line of clothing which will be available for both retail and wholesale to select eco-friendly boutiques.   Please take some time to peruse our site and check out all the new items.  Feel free to give us any feedback about items you are looking for that we do not carry.  We pull items from all our shops, so inventory might be off from time to time, but we do our best to keep it current.  We apologize for any disappointments or delays, and thank you for bearing with us while we continue to grow.  As usual we appreciate all your incredible support and will continue working hard to bring you the best possible selection of hemp and organic clothing on the planet! Thanks for making us number 1 in hemp.

The Hempest

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- Check out some photos of our Bio-diesel HEMP VAN... CLICK HERE. This beauty was converted to run on waste vegetable oil by some local green grease monkeys.  We get the vegetable oil from the fryers at a local burrito place and she gets about 20-24mpg on the highway.

- Interesting article from the NY Times in 1857 about America's Hemp Region

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- We often get inquiries about the working conditions in the factories we use, due to the fact that some of our goods are made in China.  We have posted some You Tube videos of our latest trip so you can see for yourself....CLICK HERE or just search for "Hempest Clothing Factory" for more. It helps to know that China is the worlds leader in Hemp cultivation, and has been growing it continually for over 3000 years.  All the factories we use source the highest quality hemp and organic fibers, and use state of the art technology to produce the finest, cleanest hemp fabrics and garments available today.  The workers are happily employed,  paid above average wages and work 40 hour weeks.  They even have an organic garden on factory grounds which supplies most of the food at the cafeteria.  We do carry several lines of US made goods, and also do a little manufacturing right here in Fall River, MA with imported fabric. We would love to be able to support American farmers, as well, but that is still not possible due to our inane laws against the most beneficial plant we have ever known. Our hope is that by providing you with a Hemp alternative, we can raise awareness of this plant's amazing versatility.  We are committed to bringing you stylish clothes that look good, feel great, and still benefit the environment.  These are clothes grown straight from the Earth!  We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we do.  Please spread the word if you do!


Wholesale Inquiries please email

Listen Listen to this intriguing and educational interview with Hempest co-founder Jon Napoli that gives some insight on some of the goals of the store.